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  • Janine Coney

5 ways to Boost Your Work Style!

Sometimes we all need a little re-boot or a boost to our style! And it seems never more so than right now as here in the UK we are all getting used to a new way of work life, either back in the office or spending more time working from home and on video calls!

Times have certainly moved on from the days of the traditional black power suit and white blouse for sure! The office is a more relaxed place for many but we still want to power up and look good for important meetings end events. Plus with more women working from home and setting up their own businesses the shift in workwear requirements has most definitely changed.

The desire to work comfortably is still strong but so is the desire to feel motivated and look like the leader that you are. Also factor in that you are 'your brand' and how you show up really does count (even online), after all it's important to dress for the life you want to live and dress for the mood you want to feel - it's so empowering!

So here are five options for you to tick the style boxes..

Trouser Suit (aka power suit)

I love a power suit! It's both feminine and powerful. Suits have moved on in so many ways and you need to find a modern version in a style and cut that matches your signature style - brand you! If you are a creative why not go for something more colourful, if you are in a position of trust wearing a blue suit with a complementary colour will look great or if you like the formality of a black trousers suit mix it up with a high drama shoe in a contrasting colour or print! Wearing a suit from day to night - easy swap the blouse for a silk cami in the evening and wear the blazer done up - add a heel and a clutch bag and you are dinner ready! Oh and the great thing with a suit now too, you can wear them with heels or trainers and still look super cool!

Perfect for: Wearing into the office. Wearing for meetings. Wearing for networking. Wearing for evenings.

Blazer (the power blazer)

I make no secret for my love of a good blazer and this is one piece that transcends all the trends! It's a keeper in any wardrobe and therefore should be an investment piece. Opt for a traditional double breasted blazer and it's also a classic. The Blazer literally goes with everything from skirts, trousers, jeans and dresses. It should be one of the most hard working pieces in your wardrobe and works well for any age, style or profession. Wear it all week and at the weekend too - it is the one piece that will just keep on giving!

Perfect for: Wearing into the office. Wearing for meetings. Wearing for networking. Wearing for evenings. Wearing for weekend. Wearing for online meetings. Wearing smart. Wearing casual.

Colour or monotone

The choice is yours but one colour head to toe is strong! My personal favourites are shades or all white, or tones of creams and camel for sophistication and nothing beats a classy beautiful black womans tuxedo with an oversized white shirt or a silk blouse! Elegant and chic. If you want to add the wow factor opt for a brighter colour - a red dress or blazer shows you 'mean business' and are ready to be noticed!

Perfect for: Colour can be adapted into your wardrobe for any day - step away from the black for work and embrace just one more piece of colour into your wardrobe! Wear colour for Zoom meetings


This year knitwear has hit the 'trend-ometer' big time again - in fact bigger than ever! So it makes the ideal solution in comfort for work - especially if you opt for Cashmere as it never goes out of style and it's also super comportable to wear. Match a cashmere jumper with a skirt, trousers or jeans and you have a look that can easily be elevated with the additon of a blazer! Layering your knitwear throughout the season will give you lots of different options - choose a fine high neck jumper and wear with a knitted vest (aka tank top) over a pair of trousers or dark jeans - a great wfh look that can easily be adapted. This year it's all aout colour too, so look out for the bright knits that can add colour to your wardrobe too.

Perfect for: Wearing into the office. Wearing casually for working from home.


OK lets talk shirts, blouses ... There has been a shift away from the tailored fitted blouses of the the 00's and we are all now raiding our other halves wardrobes for the looser fitting more oversized shirt and we love it! The cool, sophisticated and dare I say somewhat sexy look of a white blouse is so empowering and it feels great. So simple and elegant to style as well! The oversized shirt trend see's so many options and styling opoortunities - wear with a trouser suit or wear loose over a a pair of slim leg trousers. The 'rule of styling' here is, if you are wearing an oversized blouse on the top keep the bottom more fitted and streamlined. Vice Versa if going with a wider leg bottom go with a slimmer top UNLESS you are going for the full on androgynous look and love the fully oversized look (another hot trend right now too - but this look is not for everyone). Understanding your style personality and how to dress for your body will really help you here!

Perfect for: Wearing into the office. Wearing for meetings. Wearing for networking. Wearing for evenings out. Wearing casually for working from home

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As a Style Coach™ I talk a lot about setting our own boundaries on our time and being kind to ourselves. As the dress code for working isn't always as smart as it used to be one thing I can say with certainty is that when you set a boundary to get up and get dressed for success and you set your goals and mindset for success - success follows! Be seen, heard and remembererd for all the right reasons!

If you need help with your style and brand image book a discovery call with me and let's see how I can help ....

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