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How to increase your confidence for Networking Events !

Now the UK is opening up slowly post lockdown, the opportunity to get out of the office and meet new people again (remember that) at networking events is nearly here! I know that smaller meet ups are already taking place outside! People are now craving more human interaction, albeit socially distanced!

But let’s be honest here, when you start out as an entrepreneur or being sent along to events by your manager most people dread them - especially THAT 60 second pitch, eeek! But it’s all ok, honest, and there is a way to navigate your way through them with a smile!

Listen to my latest Podcast via Spotify or on the Internet with a few starter tips and my personal insights to help you build your networking confidence as the founder of my own business, Own Your Style UK, from a coaching point of view with clients and also from my experience in managing events in a marketing role for many years!

So no more hiding in the corner, time to show up online or in person and get visible with confidence!

Prefer to watch it ?

You can also watch the video with subtitles via Instagram on my IGTV here

Need more tips and advice ?

If you’d like more tips for your Style and Brand Image you can now book a 20 minute Clarity Call to find out more and let me help get you confidently visible too !


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