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Lift your Mood through wellbeing and Style!

Do you have lockdown blues, are you feeling anxious or just finding it hard to get motivated in the morning whilst working from home?

Yes, hey don't worry we all feel the same!

Like most hurdles we approach in life we have to find a way to work through these difficult times to help overcome the blues though. Before I became a Style Coach I needed to work hard at this, and I have to dig deep at the moment for sure, however, I always practice mindset techniques and taking control of my morning every day. Did you know that the first 20 minutes of the day are when our minds are at the most impressionable - let's make them count!

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

So, when you wake up don't reach for your phone straight away and start scrolling through social media or emails from work, this can be super fateful in overpowering your mood and motivation negatively! Before you rise, think of three things you are grateful for at that moment, it doesn't have to be big, these can be small! The sun is shining, I am safe and warm, I have my health! You see when we are grateful we trick our minds into being happy so at that time of happiness you can't be negative and send your morning into a downward spiral - mindfully choose to start your day with happiness!

Spend just a few minutes practicing your gratitude and then why not listen to a short motivational podcast whilst you rise or listen to your favourite playlist, read a chapter from an inspiring self development book or your favourite novel. Take a few moment to write down (you are more committed to them when you write them), the 5 most important tasks you want to achieve today - set your goals for the day and don't overwhelm yourself! Do your daily exercise early, you'll feel so energised when you've it- join Joe Wicks live for his 9.00am PE session with the kids or follow one of the many inspirational fitness instructors online- there are so many free options right now on You Tube, Instagram and Facebook.

Then its time to shower and get dressed for the day ahead. My advice would be to dress for how you you want to feel (not how you might feel) and take control of your mood and your day.

Here are 5 mood boosting style tips to start your day...

all available from some of my favourite small businesses and brands online

1 - Wear Colour - it will brighten your day, colour has the power to impact both our emotional and physical mood too. Pick a sunny yellow for optimism!

2 Wear something you love - don't save it for best! Wear it now.... Today is your best!

3 Wear a colourful print - brighten your day with pattern, even if its just a scarf!

4 Wear a bold lipstick - there is nothing like a bright lip to cheer up a day or an outfit - even with very little make up a bold lip can make you feel 'dressed'

5 Jewellery - make a statement at home - wear those big earings or that bold necklace indoors - go on, you'll feel so much better and you'll look amazing on that conference call too. There are some amazing pieces online now.

Finally, don't look at other people's style too much. Trust and listen to yourself and dare to have your own kind of style without feeling the need to jump on a trend. Always 'Own Your Style'!

Stylishly yours always



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