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My favourites from the HM & Simone Rocha collaboration

When times are tough (thanks covid!) it’s the small things that get us excited and my style centred heart did a little leap when I saw the new collaboration between HM and Simone Rocha that is due to launch on 11th March – Simone the daughter of the famous fashion designer John Rocha launched her first collection which debuted back in 2010 in London Fashion week. Her designs play with the silhouettes and the scale of pieces, they are romantic, edgy, chic, dramatic and creative!

The new collection in collaboration with HM launches online and for the first time ever it is for women, men and children and includes clothing, footwear and accessories. HM revealed ‘the pieces unite the inspirations and emotions that have defined the Simone Rocha world. The collection is an amalgamations of a decade of design….. A tribute to Ireland, Hong Kong, texture, shape, tactility, history, family, intimacy and joy….

It’s really refreshing to read that Simone enjoyed looking back over the archives of her collections from the past 10 years, picking her favourites pieces to reimagine and develop for this collection.

Now lets talk price here, you might look at the collection and think ouch, £150 for an HM skirt is a bit steep! But take a look at Simone Rocha’s designer collection online and you will see the price for a dress is well over £1000 and upwards, a skirt £600 and earrings are priced from £85, so you can see why this will be an alternative and popular amongst fashionistas!

So will this be a hit? I think so yes! If it’s your vibe, if you like quirky, if you like playing with shape and proportion, if you like flamboyance and textures and embellishments! If not, then well maybe its not for you on this occasion!

My firm favourite piece is the puffed sleeved trench coat, it's beautifully proportioned and will become an alternative to the classic trench we know and love.

Look out for the beautiful dresses (think Bridgerton style), loungewear pieces (see, it's not going anywhere, we’ll just dress it up in a more elevated way), as well as the tulle skirts, lace, tartan and of course the Rocha signature pink coat!

I know that people are looking for escapism and craving indulgence and extravagance as the end of lockdown looms and this could just be the collection to reignite their passion!

What do you think - check out the collection now on Sale 11th March 2021


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