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Try Something New ....

Pineapple Dance Studios London

PINEAPPLE DREAMS When I was a teenager I used to attend regular dance and ‘keep fit’ classes, as the were called then, a lot. I went about three times a week and at weekends too, my mum was such a star for taking me back and forth like a yo-yo! My love of the hit TV series Fame developed and I was a huge Jane Fonda fan too - she was such an icon in the 80's. I so wanted to be a professional but believe me that was never going to happen, I really wasn't that brilliant but in my sixteen year old eyes - I was!

The team for the mornings session!

I used to watch TV and read magazines with envy as other people trained and rehearsed at Pineapple dance studios dreaming I’d get a chance to dance there myself one day!!! Fast Forward just a few years, well maybe 30, and here I am as a guest of JDW Fashion and Pineapple Dance Studios wearing my Pineapple dancewear gifted to me from my summer collaboration with JDW Fashion. I was invited to spend a morning with a small group of lovely other influencers, models and team from JDW Fashion for a dance lesson with a real - you know proper bona fide brilliantly co-ordinated choreographer Mads from Pineapple.

Meeting the inspirational Debbie Moore - OBE

Mads put us through our paces with a dance routine with choreography to the song Good as Hell by Lizzo for 90 minutes. IIt was such fun as you can see from the video clip above, we got to meet Debbie Moore OBE - Founder of Pineapple too as she dropped in to watch us perform at the end of the session. What an inspirational lady. Pineapple dance studios was everything I imagined it to be, it was energetic with so much going on every level (I swear its Tardis in there, it goes on forever), from the bustling changing rooms to the rehearsal rooms and auditions taking place on each floor to dancers limbering up in the corridors, it was everything I expected it to be and more.

I had such a fab morning it was so great to try something new! I totally loved it, so go out there and have fun, try new things, try old things you haven't done for years... It really increases your confidence and makes you a happier person too. But trust me Pineapple Studios are safe I am definitely not taking up a new career as a dancer anytime soon! My inner Jane Fonda will stay just that, inside me! But I do like their dance wear which is also great for PT sessions and running too... Go and check out the range available at I also highly recommend JD Williams for all the seasons fashion trends and styles too as well as fab homeward.. Another blog on all that soon .....

For now ....Have fun whatever you are doing this summer and go on.... Try Something New!


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