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OWN your personal brand
The VIP route to success!

NOW ONLY £2,080


It's time to build your personal brand in your business

and turn your ideas into success!




Are you a . . .

CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Leader, Coach looking to rise above the noise, stand out from the crowd, and build a wildly successful business?


Imagine a life where your brand not only stands out but leaves a lasting impression, where your business is filled with strategy, visibility and unstoppable success.

Feel that rush of confidence as you uncover the essential elements of 'Brand You'. This is more than just a programme; it's your journey to rediscover and own your brilliance.


Imagine that emotional high as you connect authentically with your audience, build a brand identity that resonates, and step into the spotlight in business with your new found strategy and self-confidence.

It's time to transform your journey with the VIP Own Your Personal Brand Programme! 


Who is it for

Ambitious entrepreneurs and thought leaders seeking rapid brand transformation and game-changing results...

This programme isn't just about developing your personal brand; it's a business building journey. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand, shape your dream business, build a winning mindset and elevate your visibility.


With solid foundations in place, you'll increase your confidence and and strategically position yourself and your brand for growth and success. I take a holistic approach, ensuring each step is authentic and practical, leading to transformative results.


How great is that !



My commitment to excellence means I limit enrolment to ensure my personalised attention. Secure your space and receive my personalised coaching in your unique programme.  My clients say it's like working with a business best friend! This is not just a programme; it's an exclusive experience designed for those ready to make a profound impact.

  • Take the coaching sessions at your own pace (within 3 consecutive months)

  • Email/voicemail support and accountability throughout the programme

  • Private online brand success vault with access to replays

  • PLUS BONUS VIP strategy session with Janine and access to resources to support you 

"Exactly what I wanted - I knew you are the right fit for us! 

You knew exactly the level to hit. You have definitely focussed the mind and made it all far more achievable. Wonderful.
Thank you!"

Hold on. . .

Let’s have a look what’s included:

3 months of intensive one-on-one coaching, diving deep into personal branding, strategy, content marketing, audience engagement, and business development.


What you get - 6 x 1:1 VIP Online Consulting, Coaching Sessions with Janine with 

  • My full signature step by step expert process to build and elevate your personal brand for success.

  • Gain crystal-clear clarity on your values, goals, storytelling, message, image, and content

  • Learn how to build and enhance your marketing strategies, and optimise your business.

  • Learn the art of confidently connecting with your audience, leveraging the power of your personal brand to elevate your business.

Plus​ Bonus VIP Strategy Session

As a special bonus, at the end of the programme receive an additional Strategy Session with a review and a personalised plan for the future.


Plus​-  Ongoing Accountability, Support and Resources

  • Throughout the program, benefit from dedicated support, ongoing accountability, and access to a wealth of resources to propel your success.


the vip own your personal brand programme:

We Start With...

You are the magic!

Uncover the magic ingredients for a successful personal brand and business through essential foundational work which includes reflection, goal setting and overcoming self limiting beliefs as well as :

  • Brand You: Conduct a comprehensive brand audit, define core values, purpose, brand personality, and presence.

  • Your Superpower: Unlock your brilliance, your USP and confidently own it. I can see it? Can you?

  • Authentic Business: Define how you do business uniquely and authentically.

Delve into the inner work needed before launching or relaunching, covering mindset, imposter syndrome, and creating a success plan:

  • Design Your Dream Business: Considerations and ideas for building your ideal business.

  • Mindset Mastery: Cultivate a winning mindset for growth.

  • Imposter Syndrome Overcome: Quiet your inner critic and build self-confidence.

  • Plan for Success: Develop a strategic plan for a successful journey


Your Audience

Connect authentically with your audience and build a brand identity that resonates:

  • Audience Connection: How to find and connect with your ideal audience genuinely.

  • Brand Identity: Learn how to utilise colour psychology authentically in your brand.

  • Effective Marketing: Choosing the right channels, how to promote, engage, create content, grown and build a community.



Tailor your programme with 'brand-boosting' topics to enhance confidence and visibility:

Getting visible with confidence

Select from:

  • Elevate your brand through my tried and tested visibility strategies.

  • Leverage the power of PR for credibility.

  • Master networking and craft a compelling elevator / 60 second pitch!


Sharing your message through marketing

Select from:

  • Craft consistent messaging for your brand identity online

  • Create an authentic content plan supporting your goals.

  • Increase visibility through social media, podcasts, and confident copywriting.​


The importance of your personal brand presence

Select from:

  • Channel your inner CEO with consistent confidence.

  • Understand how personal style impacts your brand.

  • Enhance speaking skills, wear colour confidently, and create the right energy in your brand.



Reinforce your personal brand with a final  BONUS focussed strategy session, reviewing progress, plans, and your marketing mix. Time to map out your next steps for success.

Confidence is your strongest asset, and I'm here to guide you in unlocking it. Trust in your potential – you've got what it takes to stand out from the crowd. Believe in yourself, and let's make your unique brilliance shine in 2024

Ready to transform your brand and business?



Join the VIP Own Your Personal Brand Programme and let' start you  journey to success.

This is a remarkable programme that will elevate your personal brand, confidence, visibility and your business.

You will be the most confident women in the room!

Your investment!

The investment of this programme is valued at over£3,000 but until 29th Feb 2024 the doors are open at an investment of just£2,080

You're not simply investing in my time; you're investing in my wealth of experience


Payment plan available:
Choose to accelerate your business growth further with a dedicated intensive masterclass to:
• Develop your PR Strategy for visibility - a 90 min intensive = £2
• Learn how to create and manage a successful event – a 90 min
intensive = £297 
• Wardrobe Management – learn how to build a capsule war
drobe that reflects your brand and create outfits from your wardrobe effortlessly – 2 hour intensive - £347

So, what are you waiting for?
The success you’ve always wanted is possible and I cannot wait to support you.


Speak to Janine

Learn how coaching can help you reach your next level!

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