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Why a morning routine works & How to set your day up for success!

Ever wondered how some people are just so motivated in the mornings… Springing out of bed with positivity and joy, full of energy for the day ahead !!

Well, it’s because they’ve figured out how to set their day up the right way, they have a routine and it works for them!

Now, I would ove to say I’ve signed up for the 5 am club, but that doesn’t work for me (it might work for you, no judgement here, but that’s just a bit early for me my friends!)

However, here are 5 things I don’t and I do recommend to set your day up the right way for you and your success:

1 - Don’t reach for the phone and scroll as soon as you wake up- you’ve heard it a thousand times before I know, but it can be the scroll of procrastination first thing in the morning! Notice I didn’t say don’t look at your phone at all, because actually there are some great apps and podcasts you can listen to, or you could journal using the notes but don’t scroll! As you’ll likely start comparing yourself or your journey to someone else’s!

2- Instead do start your day by practising gratitude- 3 things you’re grateful for right now and why … small things, big things… what is making you smile today! Focus on your peace and contentment in the present moment.

3-Eat the Frog - I know you have a list as long as your arm to do but let’s get realistic, what three things can you get done today!? Eat that Frog … plan to get the tasks you resist doing the most done first, you’ll feel so much better and way more motivated!

4- Get dressed for your success - what… I hear you say! Now I know working in your PJs is super comfy but that was so 2020! And it’s not motivating to you or your mind! You don’t need to dress for the office if you’re WFH, but get out of the pjs ladies, step into the woman you want to be ! If you want to be and be sen as a high-performing leader in your business then you need to show up as that person, even for yourself! Think about it!

5 - Move the body … now exercise first thing in the morning again may not be for everyone but getting outside and practising gratitude at any time is the best way to increase energy levels and creativity!

Want to listen to more - catch my latest podcast - A Mini Guide to setting your day up the Right Way…



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