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Breakthrough Day

Exclusive  Day

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This experience closes for booking on 29th Feb 


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hosted by Janine Coney Founder & CEO 

Ever feel like you're working so hard in your business, yet you're not being seen, heard, or remembered? The success you dream of seems just out of reach, and it's frustrating, right ?

In the whirlwind of growing your business, it's all too common to overlook the most crucial element -YOU. The foundational aspects of building a powerful personal brand often take a back seat, leaving you less visible and impacting your overall business success.

Say hello to my exclusive 1-2-1 breakthrough day—a focussed session designed as your check in, reboot or launchpad to growth and success, dedicated to both your business, personal brand, and strategy.


This isn't my full personal branding programme (we can't cover all that juiciness in one day); but IT IS your impactful boost for your personal brand and business. In this session we’ll focus on how to audit your personal brand, the foundational steps of your brand and I bet I can see your Superpower before you do too,. Learn how to ensure your personal brand oozes authenticity, confidence, and credibility.


Embrace this opportunity to work with me in this 1-2-1 day and let's begin to elevate both your personal brand and business to help you stand out from the crowd!  But act fast as this experience is only available for booking until 29th February before it disappears forever! 

What will we cover?

OWN your PERSONAL BRAND breakthrough DAY

Picture this ...

There you are, you've started to unlock the strategy and knowledge to shape your personal brand that resonates with your ideal clients. You're stepping into your Superpower, confidently sharing your story, and elevating your visibility for growth and success. Ready to turn this vision into reality?

Why is this day different?

This day is your launch pad to personal and business success, where I'll assist you in achieving essential breakthroughs to enhance your personal brand presence, articulate your superpower, content, to help elevate both your on and offline profile and marketing. Purposeful and impactful, this session dives into how to audit and create a distinctive personal brand. I'll share the secrets of effective visibility ensuring your brand resonates powerfully with your audience.

The concept of personal branding is more significant than ever, especially in the digital world we live in, so it's important to establish your personal brand and marketing effectively and authentically



where do you start?

I’ve got you, don’t you worry!

This hands-on in-person breakthrough day will help focus your mind to move forward and develop your own Powerful Personal Brand in your business so you can confidently find your voice, and become more visible to establish your presence and reputation. This is a (4 hour) session working together on brand you - and will be held at a venue in or close to Milton Keynes (online alternative available).

What's included:

Throughout the session we delve into the foundations of your personal brand, helping you define your values and Superpower, what makes you stand out from the crowd (I'm really good at that), It's a focussed exploration, touching on marketing and PR ideas to elevate your visibility too. 

Plus, over a working lunch we'll discuss how to get visible with impact, building your brand equity and influence. Consider the session a strategic dip into the core elements of your personal brand.  By the end of the day, you'll have the clarity, motivation, and  some practical strategies to refocus your confidence. 

The breakthrough is about uncovering your Zone of Genius and gaining confidence in your marketing, PR, and visibility. Whether you continue the journey with my support as a VIP in my full Personal Branding programme or just take these insights into your own ongoing strategy, the day is ideal to focus, elevate and audit your personal branding success.

Your investment in this day, which includes a working lunch, is a powerful starting point or a refresher, tailored to bring immediate value to your personal brand journey.

Why work with me?

I've been in your shoes, I built my personal brand from the ground up on and offline, i've boosted my visibility whilst launching and pivoting my coaching and consulting business. I've honed my skills through a 30-year journey in marketing communications, branding, media, HR, events and image consulting. My experience allows me now to guide others in confidently building their own personal brand and business. This exclusive day is tailored to inspire and empower you, drawing insights from my own journey to enhance your confidence and visibility.

Is this for you?

This workshop is perfect for Leaders, CEOs, Coaches, Solopreneurs, and Entrepreneurs. Whether you're established, launching, or seeking a quick confidence boost in your personal brand and business marketing, this is tailored for YOU. Join me to unlock, reconnect, and elevate your path to success.

what my clients say..

This day will stay with me for the rest of my life, the day changed me! In a nutshell I now know exactly who I am, what I want to be known for and what clients I want to work with.  I came away with so much clarity!" Klara 

Book your place now!

Start the investment in yourself and your business with your own Breakthrough day for£497 - Don't miss your final chance to be part of the groundbreaking Breakthrough Days experience in 2024 as they disappear on the 29th February and will never be available in this format or price again!


Once you have booked online Janine will contact you to confirm the  date for your session.

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