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You're a busy business owner or leader with big goals. Staying focused on your business is crucial, and you know how important it is to build your influence, reputation, and visibility. The problem? Finding the time and strategy to make it happen, especially when the thought of marketing and getting visible can feel overwhelming.


That's where I come in. I help passionate, driven professionals like you gain the clarity and strategy to become a recognised, go-to successful leader in their business. I'll guide you in confidently crafting and growing a powerful personal and business brand, marketing and visibility strategy that feels authentic, so you can attract your dream clients and make a greater impact.


Think of me as your Business Success Coach and biggest business cheerleader.   Let's unlock your brilliance, amplify your message, and turn you into a magnet for success.

This really can be you!

I've overcome self-doubt and anxiety in my life and career. Taking action, getting visible, and pursuing my goals led me to success in my career and business. Now, I empower other Leaders and Business Owners to do the same!,

It's time to create the brand, visibility and unstoppable success you deserve!

What is a personal branding?

I believe it's your modern-day reputation. Think of it as PR for individuals – a powerful personal brand shapes how you and your business are perceived, builds trust, attracts ideal clients, and unlocks exciting new opportunities. Studies show the impact – 86% of potential clients and HR professionals research your presence before making a decision (LinkedIn). In today's digital age, a strong brand extends beyond your image and visuals. It's about how you consistently show up in your business, professional profiles, and in person. A clear brand gives you control over your narrative and story empowering you to attract the right people. Let's craft yours!


Why it matters now more than ever

It's about being seen, heard, and remembered for all the right reasons!


Hi, I’m Janine!

I'm a Personal Brand and Visibility Strategist, Marketing Expert and Leadership Image Consultant - I am your Business Success CoachI help business owners and leaders confidently stand out from the crowd and become visible in business for accelerated success.


What is my CoacHing & Consulting STYLe?

It's about empowerment and self-confidence.

It's where personal brand strategy, visibility and business marketing meet - it's all about you!

My clients tell me it’s like working with a best friend and it’s life-changing!

I offer a range of personal branding, visibility, marketing, and business mentoring services designed to help you create a compelling brand and feel excited about sharing your story and message with the world. From workshops and retreats to personalised coaching and done-for-you solutions, I'll guide you with authenticity and heart. I've worked with and helped 100's of people and businesses elevate their personal and business brands over the past 25 years and I cannot wait to help you too

Why work with me?



My services are packed with my expertise, strategies and secrets to confidently help you tell your own unique story and elevate your visibility personally and professionally.  



BRANDing, Accelerator programme

My signature 3 month transformative VIP programme is designed for CEOs, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, to fully support you in building and elevating your own personal brand and business strategy, enhance your reputation, and amplify your visibility in your business and marketing - all for your growth and success! 




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Would you like to make more impact and success this year? Reserve your place for an immersive session designed to boost you and your business, discover practical strategies how to audit and build a powerful personal brand, elevate your visibility, gain focus on your Superpower, and  the practica next steps for success.  

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