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Creating stand out

personal Brands,

accelerating business Success for leaders, Founders 

& Ambitious



Would You like...

the clarity, confidence, and strategy needed to

stand out from the crowd in business?


are you ready...

 to embrace your expertise, amplify your authenticity and

accelerate your visibility ?

it's time to...

 elevate you and your business for lasting success!

This really can be you!

I've overcome self-doubt and anxiety in my life and career. Taking action, getting visible, and pursuing my goals led me to success in my career and business. Now, I empower other Leaders and Founders to do the same!,

It's time to create the personal brand and unstoppable success you deserve!


In today's world, you are your brand. Whether you're a CEO, coach, consultant, leaderor ambitious entrepreneur, your reputation matters. It opens doors, builds trust, and unlocks your full potential.

Did you know? 73% of consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from a business with a strong personal brand (Nielsen)

But what about your personal brand ? What story is it telling? Is it clear, consistent, and powerful enough ?


I'll help you tap into your unique value, craft an authentic brand that consistently resonates with your dream clients, and develop a strategic plan to skyrocket your visibility, credibility, and business growth. My personalised coaching + your ambition = next-level confidence, impact and success in business. 


I am so excited for you!


Hi, I’m Janine!

I'm a Personal Brand Strategist, Marketing and Business CoachI help CEO's, Leaders and Founders build their brands and businesses to stand out from the crowd and become confidently visible for greater success.


What is my CoacHing & Consulting STYLe?

It's about empowerment and self-confidence.

It's where personal brand strategy, visibility and business marketing meet - it's all about you!

My clients tell me it’s like working with a best friend and it’s life-changing!

My approach includes a unique mix of-personal branding strategy, marketing expertise, business mentoring and confidence coaching to equip you with all the ingredients you need for success.


Establishing your credibility, unlocking your superpower, elevating your confidence, telling your story, communicating your brand essence and increasing your visibility for success is my goal –

I see your superpower before you do!

Why work with me?



My services are packed with my expertise, strategies and secrets to confidently help you tell your own unique story and elevate your visibility personally and professionally.  



BRANDing, Marketing & Business programme

My signature 3 month transformative VIP programme is designed for CEOs, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, to fully support you in building and elevating your own personal brand and business strategy, enhance your reputation, and amplify your visibility in your business and marketing - all for your growth and success! 

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