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Hello you, the powerhouse woman in business with BIG ambitions! Are you ready to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight? Are you tired of being the industry's hidden gem? It's time to unlock your brilliance and craft your success story with a personalised strategy for YOUR success!

Forget the myth that influence is for celebrities. Real influence is about attracting your ideal clients in droves. You're ready to command attention with confidence and rewrite the rules of success on your terms.

Imagine effortlessly attracting the credibility you deserve, becoming a client magnet with a powerful brand that shouts your expertise, and watching your business explode with dream opportunities. Together, we'll build a personalised brand and strategy that makes you unmissable and develop a strategic marketing plan that acts like a client magnet, pulling them right to you.

I'm not just a coach, I'm your business transformation architect. We'll combine the power of personal branding, marketing mastery, and business coaching to amplify your potential, supercharge your impact, and leave you positioned for unstoppable success.

Ready to ignite your brilliance and attract opportunities that make your heart sing? Let's make you unforgettable.

This really can be you!

I've overcome self-doubt and anxiety in my life and career. Taking action, getting visible, and pursuing my goals led me to success in my career and business. Now, I empower other Leaders and Business Owners to do the same!,

It's time to create the brand, visibility and unstoppable success you deserve!

What is personal branding?

Your brand is your secret sauce. It's PR & marketing just for YOU. A strong brand attracts dream clients, and opportunities, builds trust, and unlocks success.

In today's digital age, standing out as a female business owner can feel like a constant battle. But what if there was a way to attract ideal clients, build trust, and establish yourself as a leader, all while staying true to your values and expertise?

That's the power of personal branding. It's your modern-day reputation - it's not just a logo or tagline. It's the consistent way you show up online, offline, and everywhere in between in your business. Think of it as the essence of you and your business, rolled into one powerful message. A message that aligns with your business brand and resonates with the right people and empowers you to own your narrative and achieve lasting success.


Hi, I’m Janine!

I'm a Personal and Business Brand Strategist, Marketing and Visibility Expert  - I am your Business Success CoachI help female  entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders confidently stand out from the crowd in business so they can attract their ideal clients, create  opportunities and smash their goals.


What is my CoacHing


It's about empowerment and self-confidence.

It's where personal brand strategy, visibility, marketing and business mentoring meet - it's all about you!

My clients tell me it’s like working with a best friend and it’s life-changing!

Why work with me?



My services are designed to confidently help you tell your own unique story and elevate your personal brand and your business.  

Something BIG is coming in July to transform your brand and business! Want to be the first to know? Join my VIP waitlist for exclusive early-bird access & bonuses for all my new services.



BRANDing, Accelerator programme

My signature 12-week transformative VIP programme is designed for CEOs, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to fully support you in building and elevating your personal brand and business strategy, enhancing your reputation, and amplifying your visibility in your business and marketing - all for your growth and success! 




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Would you like to make more impact and success this year? Reserve your place for an immersive session designed to boost you and your business, discover practical strategies how to audit and build a powerful personal brand, elevate your visibility, gain focus on your Superpower, and  the practica next steps for success.  

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