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  • Janine Coney

4 habits for a powerful personal brand

The most effective personal brands are built through covering a stage of key steps. This includes certain habits we have to adopt along the way. They are all key ingredients and when mixed together they make up your very own powerful personal brand!

Your personal brand is your asset and it goes with you wherever you go! It’s effectively your reputation, it’s constantly developing too, and it's made up of your personality, your image, your skills, your values; strengths, and your uniqueness!

But what four key habits really help you build a powerful personal brand for success ?


Self acceptance - Accept who you are and please don't judge yourself and compare yourself to others! Start accepting the wonderful person that are and stand in your own brilliance. No faking required- authenticity wins through every single time. Knowing that you are right where you need to be right now also releases any pressure too - a quick reminder that you are not in a race with anyone so keep going and swim your own lane! Discovering and defining who you are (including your value and beliefs) and how you want to be seen from the inside allow you to then confidently show up as that person on the outside (your style and image) and that is incredibly powerful in your personal brand!


Self confidence - Believe in yourself and your skills and strengths! You may feel uneasy shouting out about yourself and standing out from the crowd but the days are gone of waiting patiently to be recognised for your abilities, life is busy and standing out from the crowd for your expertise and skill is not a given so we have to learn how to confidently portray this! By working on the key ingredients to your personal brand you are able to trust and accept yourself and can communicate this effectively. Your self esteem grows and talking about yourself, your skills or promoting your business longer feels like you are blowing your own trumpet - it feels natural! Be kind to yourself and ensure you build in 'me' time everyday. Never underestimate the importance of this - learn to love and value yourself first of all!


Consistency - What do you or can you consistently deliver that keeps others loyal to you ? Because without being consistent your brand cannot grow and develop! The more you deliver the same message, service, image, speech (get my drift) the perception of your brand grows! Showing up in your business constantly is hard work though, it can feel emotional and you most probably feel like giving up at times too!! You may even worry about what others think of you at work or in your business! You might feel that you’re not making any progress right now! But this is where consistency, motivation and self discipline are going to come in - you’ve got to keep going! It’s not always easy (believe me I know). You might even be an introvert and if you are please don't worry there are still ways of showing up and being seen authentically without posting 4 times a day or jumping around for Reels or TikTok (not knocking this at all, if that's your thing brilliant - go you! but it has to feel right aligned to your and your personality. You can always use more traditional marketing methods including email which is still one of the most effective forms of marketing. Try writing blogs or post past content, connect with new people via networking, reach out to colleagues. get creative!


Authenticity - building a Personal Brand is not just about being popular at work or in your business, it’s not about analysing metrics and gaining followers! It’s about being true to your heartfelt purpose, your personality, your values and beliefs! It’s about being real and honest! And just like self acceptance it’s not about faking it until you make it either! Everyone will see through that! People buy from people and that’s why building your very own know, like and trust factor is so important and to do that you have to be authentic and build your brand consciously! Don't try and fit it, stand out and please don't worry not everyone will like you but that’s ok too … honest! The right people that you want to work with will love you! Create clear and easy communication, become a trusted expert in your field in all you say and do and build genuine connections!

Your personal brand is what sets you apart! Don't try to be someone else - always be true to yourself, your skills and your expertise!

Forward this to a friend or connection who may need it too - and look out for my next blog coming soon!

I work with women who are ready to elevate their personal brand, image and their career or business through my VIP 1:1, group programmes and events. We always start with a free 20 minute clarity call before you book- it’s a chance to talk about how we elevate your powerful personal brand!

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