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  • Janine Coney

5 easy ways to Zoom Style Confidence... #2

It's so easy to pull the day two hair back (you know what I mean) and jump on a video call but do we feel our best when we do this? I know I don't.

You could be wearing your favourite outfit but if your hair and make up don't feel good then i` bet you don't either! But if you have taken a few minutes on your hair and make up it can change the way you feel about yourself completely and that in turn changes the way you are perceived and how you perform too! Yay to that!

Here's a few quick make up tips for looking great on camera:

  1. I have to start by saying that a good skincare routine is so important - it is the foundation to good make up. Always start with freshly cleansed and toned skin, use a moisturiser and a good SPF (yes even in the winter). This will prep your skin for the make up.

  2. Use a good foundation or concealer to give the skin an even skin tone and to hide any redness or blemishes. Using an illuminating concealer under and in the inner corners of the eyes is a game change for dark circles. Choose one that is one to two shades lighter and use your ring finger to pat it in gently under the eyes

  3. The camera can drain your face and make you look washed out so adding a little more vibrant warm colour to your cheeks is always a good trick - not too much though!

  4. Emphasise your eyes and lips for quick impact - no need to go too bold on them both- if going for a bold lip keep the eyes more neutral - a simple smokey eye always works well during the day!

  5. No time - For an instant level up, curl your lashes to open up the eye and swipe on a volumising mascara and a bold lipstick - a good red lipstick is a must have in any make up bag!

  6. Hairbands/ Head scarves - they are so 2021 and also cover a multitude of 'not being able to get to the hairdresser' problems. Try one and see if it suits your style.

  7. Eyedrops - the camera will pick up red and pink in the eyes and skin, so to banish the tired eye late night look do as the celebs do and use eye drops to help. They constrict the veins on the surface of the eye, comforting them and keeping them lovely and white.

Contact me for your free skincare or make up colour consultation, I use Tropic Skincare in my studio and for my clients. Tropic products are so great, all sustainable and ethically produced and made from naturally derived ingredients. They are all cruelty free and vegan and are made fresh here in the UK. You can visit my Beauty Boutique online Tropic shop.

Or you may prefer to get your 'glam on' and book a private or group online make up lesson. with me. I will show you how to make your make up bag work for you and teach you the techniques for creating a simple natural look for everyday and on camera.


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