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5 easy ways to Zoom Style Confidence - # 3 and 4

I am often asked "How do I look my best on Zoom?' My advice is always the same, you still want to be seen as the professional you are! So, as tempting as it is to lay on your bed with the device in hand, it's really not the best way to project yourself or your brand! Dressing as you would for a physical face to face meeting will always make you look and feel like the business pro' that you are.

In this feature I give you two tips for the price of one! Because these two definitely go hand in hand together for Zoom confidence.

As a quick recap in the previous posts we have covered how to dress for zoom calls and the ideal colours to wear on your video call as well. In tip two we covered hair and make up for video call confidence


Today we will move onto the set up and positon of the device you are connecting from. The planning and position of this is so important. Let me start by saying there are some very unflattering positions that the camera can be angled at, the first one being below your face or on a table that you are looking down at. The double chin look or the view up the nose is never a flattering one for you or anyone watching! Instead sit your device at eye level so you are looking directly at the camera and are not having to tilt you chin down. Improvise if you need to, use books, a box or something safe to lift it up. Tilting the camera slightly down is also a flattering angle, just a small tilt though. So, the most important thing here is that the camera is in front of you at eye level (or just above). See, much better already. If you spend a lot of time on calls then headphones can make a difference to how you sound too.


Look around you at the space you are using as your background does it give the impression you want it to? If this is your own business does it reflect your brand ? If you are working from home, do you want people to see your kitchen with the mornings breakfast bowls behind you, (OK, maybe that's a bit OTT but you get my drift). You want to be seen as the professional that you are, so it's best to find a dedicated space,it doesn't have to be a huge space, for you to set yourself up and always feel Zoom ready. Ideally this should be somewhere with lots of natural lighting in front of you. I will come onto lighting next time as that is so super key to being visible on camera! Ensure your background is as you want it to be seen, even place small props if necessary to reflect your brand. If you are not happy with your set up and background you can always use the customised tool available on Zoom to produce your own virtual background and fake it. Remember to keep what you are wearing in mind when choosing your background too as you do not want to blend in or clash with it!

Are you ready to elevate your brand image and self confidence for business contact me for you free discovery call!!

Until next time ... and next time it's all about the lighting!! Because that is so important!


Style Coach & Brand Image Consultant


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