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  • Janine Coney

5 Reasons to treat yourself to a Style Coach / Personal Stylist ...

People often ask me, what does a Style Coach really do? Contrary to popular belief we honestly don't shop all the time! So let me explain what we can do for you and how valuable a good Style Coach and Personal Stylist is for your confidence and in saving you time and money! A Style Coach is more than a Personal Stylist - we are trained as Personal Stylists but also take a fully holistic Style Coaching approach helping people with their inner confidence as well as their outer style as requested. When inner and outer confidence combine together that is when true style shines through! And who doesn't want that everyday.

First of all, most people will fall into one of the following ... Which one are you A, B or C ?

(A) You know what a Style Coach or Personal Stylist is, you wish they had one, but think that they are only for celebrities and there’s no way you could afford a stylist.

(B) You have no idea what a Style Coach and Personal stylist is but why would you need help with your style.

(C) You have consulted a Style Coach or Personal Stylist and you are now converted into the “What would I do without my stylist” category.  You view your stylist as part of your 'team', just as important as having a good hairdresser, therapist, or personal trainer.

Here are five few ways we can help ....

1 - Stylists help you present the image you want people to see. You have one chance to make a great first impression.   People don’t always meet in person either, it can be through video calls and social media channels. Image can convey so many things, such as character, personality, success and of course style. Research has shown that people will formulate an opinion of you within 7 seconds of meeting you for the first time, and thats before you've even spoken. This first impression will be solely based on what you are wearing and how you present yourself.  A stylist like myself will help you to align your “inner” confidence with your  “outer” image that the world actually sees.  Simply said, a good stylist will help you to create a positive personal brand that reflects you and your personality.

2 - You’ll always have a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear. We’ve all been there, we stand in front of our wardrobe bursting with clothes but still feel like we have absolutely nothing to wear.  Did you know most people wear 80% of their clothes 20% of the time and that’s because people may have lots but a huge proportion of them are either old, don’t fit properly are items that just don’t go with anything else in our closets and were bought on a whim and I bet theres even some dry cleaning lurking in there waiting to be done too. Sound familiar to you?  A good Stylist will help you to edit and arrange your wardrobe in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.  They will go through your wardrobe with you and by assessing your body shape, style personality and lifestyle will help to curate a working wardrobe that fits your needs. They will determine what should them be donated to charity, re sold as pre loved or maybe even taken for alterations.  They will then create a list to “fill in the gaps” for the items that are needed to complete your re vamped wardrobe. You will no longer have those random pieces you don’t wear but a wardrobe you’ll be excited to open every day.  

3 - Banish wardrobe envy!

We all know that one person who always looks so well put together and stylish with perfectly coordinated accessories, handbag, jewellery and shoes - they already totally own their style.  They always appear to have the perfect outfit for any occasion with clothes to effortlessly transition across the seasons and they never appear to have those awkward fashion faux par moments that so many people feel they have. For some people, this comes totally naturally, but for others, this is all absolutely and totally overwhelming.  This is where having a Style Coach and Personal Stylist like myself is so helpful.  They will help you to become the stylish person you want to be, the person that makes their style look totally effortless. So when you walk in the room, heads turn for all the right reasons!

4 - A Personal Stylist will keep you updated of seasonal trends and designers that work for you...

Your stylist will keep you updated with all of the latest trends, styles suitable for you personally.. Stylists shop for a living, we are quite simply princesses of shopping. We know what is available, and where to get a specific item.  We are also usually the first to know about new trends, discounts and sales.  In the long run a good stylist will ‘save you money’.   No more wasting money on buying things that don’t fit, or expensive items that you bought in a hurry, or because the shop assistant told you it looked good.  A personal stylist will always have your best interest at heart. I personally work on a fixed rate and never on commission from any shop or supplier.  As a `Personal Stylist I only have your best interests for your lifestyle at heart.

5 - Hiring a Stylist will save you time and money...

Stylists and image consultants are no longer for the rich and famous! Just 10 years ago few people hired Personal Trainers, now they are readily accessible and affordable . The same is happening with Personal Stylists. Just as a Personal Trainer gets you body confident and fit a Personal Stylist helps you to become confident with your style. In the past few years, a lot of busy professionals have hired Stylists to help their lifestyles.  Hiring a Stylist is much more affordable than you might think too.  Each stylist works very differently though.  Some work hourly, while some work on day or “project/package” rate.  I offer Style Packages that suit individual needs and a reputable stylist will always offer a free discovery call before your hire them as it’s so important you feel like you can work with them and you are both happy. The time and money a stylist like myself will save you will turn out to invaluable and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Even the most dedicated fashionista can learn from a stylist -it’s a game changer! You treat yourself to a personal trainer, to a hairdresser - now is the perfect time to treat yourself to your own Style Coach, Personal Stylist like myself- I am professionally qualified and accredited by the International Association of Style Coaches.

Contact me for a free 20 minute discovery call to talk about how I can help with your own style for your lifestyle, special event or occasion or get in touch to book and find out more about the services available from Milton Keynes based Own Your Style

Stylishly yours until next time


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