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Be seen in YOUR Green...

Green is for …

Dress: Damsel in a Dress - John Lewis

Green is natural. Green is harmonious. Green is energy. Green is fresh. Green is alive! Green is for hope…

Green is associated with nature. It evokes a sense of growth and well-being. Green conjures up ideas of health, peace and wellness. It’s restful, soothing, and refreshing. Green symbolises growth and optimism and green is such a key colour this year - loved and warn to by the Duchess of Cambridge last weekend at Wimbledon. Does green work for your personal brand, is it a colour that you love to wear ?

Green looks fab with blue and also it’s opposite on the colour wheel (which is it’s complementary colour) is red but it can be a bit Christmassy - so if you’re not going for the Elf look mid summer be careful .

Green looks fab with florals - you only have to think about beautiful flowers with lush greenery to know how lovely they look together.

There is a green for everyone - Bright greens work well for those with more high contrast between their skintone, hair colour and eyes -like springs.Softer khaki greens work well on autumns as it’s more earthy and toned down. Deeper, darker forest greens work well, they may also be able to wear the brighter greens too! Summers need something lighter and softer so a mint green works well.

Knowing which green to wear makes choosing outfits easier

I work with 12 sub seasons for tonal colour analysis and I always help my clients find their own best colours which can even split between two sister seasons!

Sounds complicated huh! It’s not and ultimately I know all you want to know and have is a beautiful palette of colours that work for you in your wardrobe and your lifestyle …

Channel your inner Kate in green

Kates dress worn at Wimbledon if from Emilia Wiickstead and is now in the sale at £680 via Matches Fashion.

Essential Antwerp lime green dress £129. - great for spring brights

Green Handbag Zara £25.99 (approx) - dip a toe in the water with an accessory

Jogging style silk trousers and Green blouse Next - keep it classic and chic

Jeans & Other Stories - team jean with a green shirt or wear with a Breton top and add a green open shirt as an extra layer.


Style & Brand Image Coach™️

Dress from Damsel in a Dress @johnlewis

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