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Body Shapes - Do you know yours!

Body Shapes - you know what, I wish we could call this something else, I really don’t like to think of anyone getting hung up on what shape they are.

But when we know our shape we can learn how to balance our proportions and that’s something very useful to have up our sleeve!

Honestly we all tend to focus on our ‘less favourable parts’ more than anyone else ever does - so don’t be hard on your body - learn to love it!

We all have goals though I get that and if yours is to maybe lose the lockdown poundsand thats great! But make sure you feel good about yourself whilst you’re doing it - small rewards along the way really help!

Although there are 5 key body shapes and it’s not unusual to fall into more than one shape - after all we are all wonderfully unique!

The rectangle shape is very much like a column; - the body is straight with little to no definition at the waist - most models are this shape.

The triangle usually has a bigger lower body compared to the upper body but has a defined waist. This is the body shape the most women fall into.

The hourglass has a wider upper and lower body with a narrow waist in the middle. They are in proportion. This is deemed the ideal shape.

The inverted triangle has a bigger upper body compared to the lower body. They have great legs and are usually athletic.

The round is wider in the middle and upper body with a smaller lower body and has great arms and legs. When we know what shape we are we can understand how to balance the proportions, we learn how to choose clothes that complement and accentuate our figure plus we can learn how to conceal or camouflage those pesky parts we focus on ourselves way too much !!!

But when you really know your shape and how to dress it your body confidence increases and you feel great In what you wear everyday and suddenly the small things don’t worry you so much!

Imagine that !!

If you’re not sure where to start that’s where I can help! Where you have a personal trainer for fitness goals, I’m a personal trainer for your style goals !

I am here to help you feel like you - amazing you again ... contact me today...

Read my recent feaure on discovering your bodyshape in Mum to Mum Magazine here -

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