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  • Janine Coney

Festive Networking …

Networking is the number one best way to connect with other people locally - notice I say connect .. not sell! I mean who wants to be sold at by someone when they first meet them... it’s a big no-no these days, isn’t it?

I went to a Christmas networking lunch recently and took the opportunity to dress up for the event … My image is a big part of my personal brand, what I wear makes me feel good and it never fails to elevate my confidence too! Do you know what I mean?

Reflection Time...

Stop for a moment and recognise the difference between how confident you feel when you’ve thrown what feels like a million items aside in a morning and then picked something and thought that’ll do !!! We’ve all been there .. how do you feel all day? OK?

Then how do you feel when you pick something effortless that makes you feel amazing, that makes you smile, you feel great wearing it - the day has a different perspective to you … you feel like you are ready for whatever life throws as you that day … your mood changes - your confidence instantly elevates …

Don’t underestimate your style and how you feel - elevating and owning your image in your personal brand is just as important as all the other elements in fact it’s the ‘packaging’ of your personal brand and the first thing people see!

A confident aligned style and image in a personal brand might seem aspirational but it’s actually essential…

So here’s what I wore and had so many compliments about (thank you). You know how I love to sparkle and these skirts can be worn all your around with sweatshirts and trainers and tees as well as beautiful silk blouses and oversized shirts too.

When I buy a sequin skirt it’s an investment piece not a throwaway … I have linked all pieces below as most of this outfit isn’t new but I have found similar for you ...Before you head to the shops though, I encourage you (as always) to shop your own wardrobe, first of all, to see if you can recreate this look from items you already have.

If you need any more tips on networking contact me for a 20-minute free brand strategy call and let's see how I can help you elevate your personal brand for 2023


Happy Networking


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