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  • Janine Coney

⁠⁠How to choose and take care of the perfect pair of jeans!

It's been nearly a year since I last posted about selecting the right denim jeans for your unique body shape! And as it's a question I am still so often asked by my clients it's time for a 2021 update! Because let's be honest we are always searching for that perfect pair! Invest wisely in your denim and take care of them well and they will last you for many years to come! There are so many sustainable choices available today too, so check out the label on the next pair you select! I have teamed up with Comfort to bring you a guide to selecting and caring for your denim!

Find the perfect pair of jeans for your body shape...⁠

👖 Jeans are available in a wide range of washes from super faded through to a dark wash. As a general rule darker wash is flattering and slimming to the leg. A darker denim will also look more formal for a daytime look for work and can easily be dressed up. White or cream are fab all year-round too and look great styled with neutrals.

👖 Look for a denim with betweeen 1-4% of lycra woven into the fabric - it makes such a difference to the comfort of the jean! Always try before you buy (if you can)!⁠

👖 When you try the jeans on they should feel snug, I don't mean 'too tight' but they should fit you well, so don't be tempted to size up. Jeans will give and after lots of wear you still want them to feel and look great on you.⁠

👖 Bootcut / Flared⁠ - Such a classic style and a key trend for 2021. Works for all shapes - especially good for balancing a triangle / pear body shape. ⁠

👖 Skinny⁠ - The trusty skinny. We all love them. Dress them up or down. Great for rectangle shapes!⁠ Some say they are going out of style, I say they will always be a classic!

👖 Boyfriend⁠- Can be worn by all, another firm favourite for 2021 – be careful of fit over tummy area and hips! Key to styling them up - wear with a slogan tee and a blazer - trainers for casual or heels for work!⁠

👖 Mom ⁠ - High waisted silhouette with a rigid tapered leg – good for slimmer bodyshapes! Roll up the ankle for a cool vibe!⁠ Great with heels,

👖 Slim / Straight ⁠ - A classic that works for all shapes and a good starting tranisition from a skinny to something more relaxed – Good for elongating the leg.⁠ ⁠

Style tip - If your jeans fit well other than the waist being a little large, find a tailor to nip them in at the waist for you. It's very easy and really shouldnt cost a lot!

Taking care of your denim

But how do you take care of your denim! Surprisingly you really don't need to wash denim as often as you think you might - in fact you according to Comfort, they recommend only after or between 3-10 wears (or when they get dirty or smelly of course). I have teamed up with Comfort to bring you this really informative article and guide to taking care of your denim

Repairing your denim

And with more of us looking to make more sustainable choices here is a really handy guide to repairing your denim too! It's the little things we do that make a big difference to the planet, so don't throw your denim away, repair and care for it!

Find your perfect pair

So much to say about denim I could go on all day. If you'd like help shopping and styling your perfect perfect pair of jeans contact me to book your 20 minute discovery call


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