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How Your Personal Style Impacts Your Personal Brand

Our clothes are way more impactful than we realise .. so isn't it funny how it can be seen as vain or even frivolous to spend money and time on how we look. But we all get dressed every day!

However, studies reveal people subconsciously form an opinion of others within seconds when they meet and that's before they've spoken a word! It's not something we set out to do, it's just instinctive!

Dressing for success was a big thing and to a point, it still is (bare with me here). Remember the days of the must-wear woman's power suit! Well the pandemic changed things and now that wfh (working from home) has become the new normal people have become much more relaxed in their approach to dressing for work, but should they ...?!

Well yes and no! Because your style does impact your personal brand and your personal brand is your reputation .. so let's delve into this some more ...

Let’s talk about personal style in your personal brand.

It's an element that I know people do get a little confused about.

Personal branding is not all about fonts and logos or personal style!

So … is style really part of your personal brand? Well, yes, it is, it's just one of the key ingredients!!

In fact, your personal style is one of the easiest and quickest ways to create change, elevate yourself and create an impact on your brand!

Because like it or not (as mentioned above) people will subconsciously form an opinion (let's not use the word judge!) on other people within seconds of meeting them based on appearance and body language alone! I know it's wrong but it happens!

So look at this positively and think of the impact you can make just with your personal style when you walk in a room or go online (yes that counts too).

You’ll need to make sure that it’s aligned and authentic though - aligned and impactful for the person you are and how you want to represent yourself professionally - it needs to work for your lifestyle, personality and your business.

You want to build your know, like, and trust with your audience These people could be potential clients or employers so you'll want your image and your body language to reflect exactly who you are! After all your personal brand is your reputation.

So when you are in tune with this and you know exactly who you are and you've defined your image you're ready to show up as that best confident version of yourself … When you are feeling confident, then that's when you feel like getting visible to the world!

It's when you feel like holding those new conversations, it's when you have that inner confidence in yourself and you automatically stand out from the crowd!

So your style truly can impact your personal brand on many levels.

And taking the time to, elevate and clearly define this is going to help you in taking those first steps in building your confidence, as well as elevating and building a powerful and very successful personal brand!

You can start today by downloading my free 10 essential checks to elevate your personal brand, style and image here

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