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I didn't think I could do it - Let's get visible part 3

So, in parts 1 and 2, I shared how easy it is to fall into the comparison trap and how it's important to be visible and show up confidently in your personal brand! How you need to show up as yourself and become the best version of yourself both inside and out ...

After all, your brand is your reputation.. but even by taking all of this on board what do you really need to do to make sure you show up consistently and confidently in your personal brand for your success ...

Let's have a recap today of what you need to do to get visible and stand out from the crowd in your personal brand as a female leader and entrepreneur :
Save this list and tick off the ones you have mastered:
  1. Establish your presence

  2. Get to know the authentic you

  3. Identify your target audience

  4. Know your niche and unlock your superpower skills and strengths

  5. Get visible and let everyone know who you are and what you do

  6. Communicate your brand authentically

  7. Tell your own unique story

  8. Let your personality shine through

  9. Build your network and nurture it

  10. Connect with your ideal audience on and offline

  11. Create your own visual identity

  12. Make sure your style and image align with your personal brand

  13. Differentiate your personal brand from others - stand out from the crowd

  14. Plan with focus, strategy, action and accountability

  15. Support and systems

  16. Be consistent

  17. Feel inspired and motivated

  18. Practice self-care daily!

  19. Learn, evolve, audit, reflect, realign and grow

  20. Work with experts who can help you elevate

Let's be clear, having a stand-out personal brand is definitely not about bragging it's about knowing who you are, your qualities, your skills, and your strengths and then communicating them and making them visible to support and help others. Your brand is your reputation! It's about showing up for other people and sharing your value and inspiring and helping them, it's about being seen, heard and remembered. It's networking, growing, collaborating, sharing and focussing on what you do brilliantly.

Focus on why you do what you do and whom you do it for and tell your story your way, in your voice, Because if you don't tell people how amazing you are at what you do (in a non-arrogant way, obvs) then how will people ever know?

Finally, remember If you do something consistently well you will be recognised for it and if you show up as confidently in your personal brand then you will stand out from the crowd!

I work with female leaders who are ready. to elevate and get visible and right now we all need to be more focussed than ever. I can help you craft a powerful personal brand within my signature Own Your Personal Brand Programme - if you'd like the details of this and are ready to make the shift in your personal brand then book a complimentary 20-minute brand audit strategy call and let's chat I am also launching BRAND NEW private Facebook group for female leaders looking to elevate their personal brands - would you like to be amongst the first to experience this focussed group with a free branding masterclass coming soon then message me here



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