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  • Janine Coney

Is your personal brand accidental or intentional?

Personal branding is now more important than ever! Whether you're a professional, an entrepreneur, or even just an individual trying to make your mark on the world, your personal brand can have a huge influence on your success. But here's the question: Is your personal brand intentional or accidental?

I am always exploring the significance of personal branding including why it's so crucial to take an intentional approach to shaping and growing your own personal brand.

In a recent poll that I hosted online I asked; Has your personal brand been built intentionally or accidentally? The results revealed that 33% of people intentionally work hard at theirs, 56% say there's needs work and 11% revealed they don't know what a personal brand is!

Understanding Personal Branding

Before delving into this, let's first understand what personal branding entails and I have purposefully emboldened this, so you'll remember- Your personal brand is the image, perception, and reputation you create for yourself in the minds of others! It's the story you tell about who you are, what you stand for and the value you offer. It encompasses your values, expertise, personality, and unique traits that set you apart from others.

The Risks of an Accidental Personal Brand

An accidental personal brand is going to develop when you don't actively manage or shape how you're perceived by others. When you leave your brand to chance, relying solely on random interactions, infrequent social media posts, or public perceptions without a strategic plan. It can all be a bit haphazard, inconsistent and unclear. While an accidental personal brand may not be negative, it lacks the direction, consistency, and purpose needed to maximise all your opportunities and to achieve your goals.

The Power of an Intentional Personal Brand

An intentional personal brand, on the other hand, is carefully crafted and carefully curated. It involves consciously defining your goals, values and target audience, and aligning your actions and your communications both on and offline accordingly. An intentional personal brand is going to position you strategically, attract the right opportunities, build credibility, and help you stand out from the crowd. An intentional personal brand is also going to empower you to tell your compelling story which will create a lasting impact on other people too!

Assessing your Personal Brand

Take a few moments now to stop and think about your current personal brand. Are you truly satisfied with how you're perceived? Does it align with your aspirations and your professional goals? Consider your online presence, your interactions with others and the impression you leave behind. Think whether your personal brand accurately represents you, your values, expertise, and the unique qualities that differentiate you from others.

Building an Intentional Personal Brand

To make the transition from an accidental brand to a brilliant intentional one, you'll need to take some clear and proactive steps. So, here, in brief, are five key strategies to help you shape and cultivate your personal brand intentionally:

  1. Define your goals and values - Clearly articulate what you want to achieve and what you stand for. This provides a strong foundation for building your brand.

  2. Identify your target audience - Understand who you want to reach and tailor your messaging and activities to engage and resonate with them.

  3. Craft your story Create a compelling narrative that reflects your journey, experiences, and expertise. Use this story to engage and connect with your audience - it's so powerful

  4. Consistency across platforms - Maintain a consistent presence and messaging across your social media profiles, website, and other online platforms.

  5. Seek feedback and learn - Seek constructive feedback from trusted colleagues, mentors, or professionals in your industry. Learn from their insights and make necessary adjustments to elevate your personal brand.

Your personal brand is a powerful tool that can open doors (I've seen this happen for so many people including myself, I've had so many amazing pinch-me moments), Your personal brand shapes perceptions and it leads you to success. So, by taking an intentional approach, you can actively develop and grow your personal brand to accurately and authentically reflect your values, expertise and ambitions.

If you're ready to intentionally build your personal brand then the doors to the Personal Brand Master Day are now open - a day to work with personal branding experts to focus on and take your personal brand to the next level including a 1-2-1 personal brand photo shoot. Read more and reserve your seat here.

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