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Skinny v Baggy!

Let’s talk Jeans: Skinny v Baggy ?

Although I’m never convinced the skinny will lose its popularity, we are definitely moving on ... I think in 2020 we also fully appreciated the true comfort of a more relaxed jean too (well I know I have)!

So 2021 trends see us finally embracing a way more slouchy, relaxed, baggy look to our jeans .. how do you feel about that ?

You embracing it or sticking with the skinny ?

Knowing what works for you is key but one style tip if going baggy on the bottom keep the top half more fitted and - unless of course you are going for the oversized trend top to toe, that’s a another 2021 trend ...

Wear what you feel great in - what gives you confidence - use the trends for a guide only and build a wardrobe you love to wear ... #youdoyou

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Jeans skinny photo credit Zara

Jeans baggy - photo credit ASOS


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