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  • Janine Coney

The F word !

This year I am going all in 100% on my goals and intentions. And part of my goal-setting process for a new year always includes selecting my word for the year...

But how do you choose it and how do you ensure it aligns with all that you want to bring into your life?

My word of the year for 2023 in relation to me in business is the F word - not the word you' were probably thinking of was it !! .But my word for 2023 is FEARLESS ...

It's the aligned word that makes me feel unstoppable in achieving my goals, it's the word that grounds me and reminds me of all I am working towards this year ...

It's the word I will lean into when I'm not feeling so brave or when I'm being pushed out of my comfort zone professionally (and personally). It's the word that helps me stay focused on all of my goals and it's the word that motivates me to achieve them too! The word Fearless instantly connects me to my vision...

And vision is what we need, we need to imagine we have the things we desire already.- we need a vision of where we want to go, who we want to be, how we want be seen, the success and happiness we want to create. We need to see and feel the emotion around it... that's why visualisation is so key to goal setting!

How to choose your word of the year (or the month):

Take time out to focus on your own goals and intentions - what's important to you, journal it, and make notes - see what stands out. Focus on what you want to make happen and why you want to achieve it and what you need to change or do to achieve it! You might even find your word comes to you easily when you are developing your vision board - I absolutely love a vision board. . You should of course include the word on your vision board and why not design a screen saver for your phone that will focus you and remind you of your word everyday...

30 Inspirational ideas for your word of the year ...

Need some inspiration - here are 30 words to help you choose! But please don't over analyse this though! What word do you feel really supports you in your goals and intentions? If you find more than one that stands out, write them down and then review that list until you can focus and select just one ...

  1. Focus

  2. Grow

  3. Brave

  4. Inspire

  5. Balance

  6. Elevate

  7. Positive

  8. Respect

  9. Fun

  10. Appreciate

  11. Reflect

  12. Joy

  13. Change

  14. Listen

  15. Happy

  16. Determined

  17. Present

  18. Connect

  19. Harmony

  20. Imagine

  21. Courage

  22. Integrity

  23. Celebrate

  24. Improve

  25. Intentional

  26. Kind

  27. Believe

  28. Expansion

  29. Gently

  30. Enough

Finally make your word, a word you choose yourself! Try not to ask for opinions on this as you ideally don't want to be influenced by others - this is your choice!

You'll know it's the right word when you fully feel it and commit to it! Lock it in and keep it close, so whenever you need a gentle reminder or a kickstart - it's there for you...

Go on be Fearless... you've got this!


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