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The meaning of colour

Colour really does effect your mood!

If every time you open your wardrobe you’re reaching for black again maybe it’s time to inject a little colour into your world … read on

Every colour has the power to influence us and others and can change the way we look and feel every day. It can improve your confidence and help you get totally visible in the way you want to be seen and remembered by others!

Marketing departments will spend lots of time figuring out exactly what they want their brand to say as the message they portray is vital to their business!

So as ‘Brand You’ the colours and styles you choose to wear will project an image about who your are, and how you want the world to see and remember you.

The colours you choose will also help you feel more confident and improve your self esteem plus they all have different meanings and impact too (which I’ve highlighted beside each of the colours of the autumn / winter 21/22 above)

Think of the brands and logos you know and love - it’s no surprise that the colours used in the brand logo nearly always aligns with their brand values and the way they want to make you feel!

So the impact of colour is real and you do have the power to impact and even change the mood of yourself and those around you.

Want to know how to find yours - you can read lots and confuse yourself or you can book a colour consultation with me!

My sessions are are very unique and have been adapted over the years to ensure they are finely tuned to what clients really want and need - I never dictate the colours you must or mustn’t wear - my sessions are a modern, interactive and empowering experience of finding your very own unique colour palette for your personality and style!

Book now to reserve a session before Christmas - diary dates are becoming limited … also makes the perfect gift for someone who would love this experience too ( it’s not too early to talk Xmas now is it!!)



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