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This is me!

I found an old photo recently with me and some school friends at an open air swimming pool back in the 1980s I was about 13 . I remember the day well, I was trying so hard to be cool but I didn’t have the confidence in myself! I never felt as good as the other girls around me! I always thought they were prettier, slimmer, funnier, more popular ... I constantly doubted myself!

Fast forward 37 years and I found the photo - the 50 year old me looks at the 13 year old me and sees a beautiful young girl - I literally wept because I remember how bad I felt and the hours I agonised over myself and my appearance ! And why ... low self esteem- low self confidence - comparing myself to others - wanting to fit in! I know why, sadly I didn’t have a father who nurtured me or my sister to believe in ourselves. That’s a whole other story though ..

It took me years of anxiety and personal development to work it out myself ... I realised I didn’t and don’t need to compare myself to others, I didn’t need to let other people make me feel inferior, I didn’t need to be part of anyone’s gang (incidentally I still don’t, cliques are not nice, you know the ones where women purposely leave others out to form a group, usually seen at the school gates) all they do is make other people feel less worthy and inferior!

That’s the true beauty of understanding yourself and accepting yourself for who you are. I think that was also the biggest influence on choosing to become a Style Coach too - because self confidence is key to everyone, they might not admit it but it’s true. It doesn’t matter what you wear on the outside if on the inside you don’t feel good - love and truly know yourself. Trying to be someone else, trying to fit in ... it just doesn’t work! Be proud of who you are, be proud of your body - you might not think you are as funny or as cool as stylish as others but they are not you and you are your power ... you do you!

When you feel good on the inside and out nothing can stop you ... ❤ That’s why I love to support and help women to grow through style confidence ... this is me!

Janine xxx


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