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Master the Art of Public Speaking with Confidence - Insights from a Pro!

Master the Art of Public Speaking with Confidence - Insights from a Pro!

When I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey in my own business, I knew that hosting events would be a vital part of it. Having planned and managed events worldwide throughout my career, it's almost like event hosting is in my DNA, and now, it brings me immense joy to bring exclusive events to my guests and clients.

But there was a challenge that came with the territory of holding my own events: speaking at them too. Confidence was the key, and I truly believe that, like anything in life, practice does make perfect.

So, i've gathered together all I've learned and observed from managing events and working with professional and celebrity speakers over the years. And in this blog, I'm excited to share what I've discovered, I really hope these insights will empower you to become a confident speaker too ...

Your Audience Wants You to be Successful - I promise, y audience genuinely wants you to do well. Recognise their support and use it as a source of confidence.

It's About Them, Not You - Focus on helping your audience. Remember, it's not about you; it's about providing value to them.

Confidence Through Style - Wear something that makes you like you and feels confident; it's a boost to your self-confidence. This is the time to embrace the power of colour psychology!

Practice Like a Pro - Approach speaking as a performance. Rehearse, don't wing it, be a professional before going on stage.

Handling Nerves - if you feel nervous the night before, please trust me thats normal ... Deep breath exercises, music or visualisation techniques work so well - get yourself in the zone.

Pre-Speech Calmness -Take a moment to pause, take three deep breaths, and smile before you start speaking. This simple practice helps you relax and set the right tone .. honest!

The Power of Pausing - Embrace pauses; they keep the audience engaged and allow you to gather your thoughts. A pause might seem long to you but they aren't - they are powerful.

Engage with Eye Contact - Maintain eye contact with your audience; it's a powerful way to connect.

Notes as Prompts - It's okay to have notes, but make sure your talk comes from the heart; use your notes as prompts, not scripts.

Visual Impact - Keep your slides image-focused. Avoid overwhelming your audience with text-heavy slides. Nobody needs to sit through death by PowerPoint 🤦🏼‍♀️

Share Personal Stories - Connect with your audience through relatable stories. People remember and resonate with stories on an emotional level.

Adapting to Different Audiences Tailor your speaking style and content to suit your audience - be relatable.

Embrace Your Personality - Inject your unique personality into your presentation. Authenticity is key always.

Provide a Call to Action - Don't forget to guide your audience on how to connect with you further. A clear Call to Action is essential.

Punctuality Matters - Arrive well in advance, and check your equipment works to avoid any last-minute glitches. Being prepared is key.

Respect Time Limits - Stick to your allocated time slot. Staying on track is a courtesy to both your audience and event organisers.

Engage with Your Audience - Encourage interaction during your presentation, such as asking questions or conducting polls. It makes the experience more interactive and impactful.

Feedback is Your Friend - Seek feedback from peers, mentors or even the audience to continually improve.

So much more to share but and when I work with my clients they get the full insight into talking at events but also planning their own events too ( if the need to).

I hope this in sight gives you a great foundation for preparing for your next event or speaking engagement...

Contact me for more information or details on applying to work with me or to book me as a speaker for your event .

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