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Wardrobe Woes...

When you open your wardrobe what do your clothes say to you? I mean if they could really talk to you what would they say? Do they shout, hello my friend, remember me, pick me? Are some of them hanging quietly in the background secretly hoping they might get a day out? Do they hang out in there with their matching friends having a party on their own or are they screaming at each other because they don't go together? Sound familiar - lol ?!

It's a well known fact - woman only wear 20% of their wardrobe!! Yup 20% (shocking huh!) So what do you do with the other 80% (sell it on eBay or Depop of course- lol). No you leave it there (sometimes for years), you don't wear it and some of the items still have their price tags on too - eeekkkkk !! Why do so many others do this? Especially when we are all trying to be much more ethical and sustainable nowadays too!

Simples, life is busy, you shop in a hurry because you don't have time to shop, you don't like to shop, or you're happy wearing the same items day after day because its easier. Maybe you make a lot of impulse decisions too because you don't have time to think about your lifestyle right now (you really needed that bright pink unicorn t shirt for that dinner date, yep !!) - life changes quickly and you're so busy before you know it another year has rolled by. Result = a wardrobe full of clothes and still nothing to wear!

Knowing your bodyshape and analysing your lifestyle (as it is today) are also key to making the right choices and developing a coordinated wardrobe that you get maximum usage from. Wearing the right colours that suit you, buying clothes that compliment your existing wardrobe and you wear more than once as well as expressing your personality through your wardrobe are all super key too.

You really don't need a wardrobe full of going out-out outfits if you generally stay in-in at the weekend. You don't need a wardrobe full of corporate suits if your lifestyles changed and you now work from home and you definitely don't need a wardrobe full of casual ripped jeans if you've just got that job promotion and you're off to the office every day. But sometimes its hard to know what to keep and what to let go of isn't it? So it's easier to ignore it, close the doors on the wardrobe and carry on as normal - nothing to see here !!

But don't worry thats where I can help, just like Mary Poppins (but for your wardrobe).... A wardrobe detox might sound a bit daunting but it really is fun and it eliminates the panic "I have nothing to wear" moments. It doesn't mean throwing everything in your wardrobe away either. It's working with an Image Consultant, like me, who spends time with you to help review, understand and edit your clothes, accessories and shoes whilst giving you lots of professional styling and fashion advice along the way. We make piles, we try lots on you and I even take photos of you in the outfits as a reminder of what works and what doesn't! Once we're done you're left with an organised wardrobe you'll be proud to open and confidently pick the clothes out to style yourself from. I also send you a report with the items you might need to purchase afterwards too !

The benefits of working with a styling pro - no stress, lots of honest advice and confidence boosting styling tips and some laughs along the way too.

Like the sound of this? Yay, then contact me, we'll have a quick chat and let's get started ...

Remember - only You do You

Stylishly Yours



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