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What is a personal brand strategist …

Ever wondered what I do as a personal brand strategist ! So many people still get confused about personal branding and what it really means for them.

So, let me explain...

A personal brand strategist is a professional (hello) who helps clients create and manage their personal brand - which is a combination of their personality, values, skills, and reputation, that they want to be known for and stand out for in their professional and personal life.

As an accredited Style Coach™️ I also help my clients create an authentic image that reflects their personality, values, goals and lifestyle too. What a bonus!

A personal brand strategist, (like me) helps my clients develop a unique and authentic brand that aligns with their goals and values. I work with them to define their brand positioning, target audience, messaging, and visual identity. I also help my clients establish an online presence through marketing, social media, websites, and other digital channels too.

Personal brand strategists (yep, me again) also help clients build their reputation through thought leadership, credibility, networking, and collaborations. I provide guidance on how to communicate and showcase your expertise and unique value proposition to attract opportunities and achieve your career or business objectives.


A personal brand strategist (you've got it, that's me) is a professional who helps people create, elevate and manage their personal brand and image to achieve their personal, business and professional goals. And as a marketing expert with over 30 years experience I help my clients develop their marketing strategy and content in their businesses too...

I work with female leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses to help them elevate their personal brands, profiles, image and marketing. To book an introductory 20 minute free personal brand consultation call - click here



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