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  • Janine Coney

what to do if you're losing followers..

Hands up if you stress over this ??

Truth alert: I really used to, years ago I got caught up in the numbers …

Years ago I saw an unhealthy desire from influencers to grow their numbers - buying followers, setting up pods, basically doing anything they could to get ahead in the follower stakes !! That’s not healthy for the mindset! It felt like a popularity contest!

I quickly moved away from those circles and never got involved in any follow for follow pods or buying followers.

But wherever you are on your social media journey you’re always going to get people who decide to unfollow you and that’s GOOD …

Because they were not your people! And whatever follows count you have it’s having the right people that counts! Not bots, not followers who’ve just hit follow because you’ve launched another giveaway with someone and then unfollow you a week later ! Real followers who like what you do and align with your personal brand ..

Its' a conversation that comes up with clients a lot - be authentic, plan great content, engage and be consistent !!

Watch the video below for some tips annd don't worry ...

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