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Why my brand had to change!

Last week marked the start of the next exciting stage for me and my business because to be honest and authentic it was time for it and me to evolve.

When I started my account on Instagram back in 2018 I used to post three times a day about fashion and style and that was really how my business started too.

I left my full time job in marketing and gained my official accreditation and qualified as an International Style Coach™️ which was (and still is ) a huge deal to me too but after a while I felt the pressure on social media of comparison.

I built my account quickly and I enjoyed some great opportunities and worked with some amazing brands but I was also spending way too much time worrying about how many followers I had compared to other people! Don’t get me wrong I tried not to, but it became all consuming at times!

It wasn’t good for my mindset, my self-esteem or my business! I wondered How can success be measured by the number of followers you have? By the way it isn’t ! My focus needed to be on my business not vanity metrics.

Within this time someone in the industry made a comment about what I was doing that hurt, really hurt. In fact it nearly stopped me moving any further in my business. It totally floored me!

Luckily it didn't! It didn't stop me! In fact looking back it actually inspired me!

But imagine if I had given up then at that early stage, imagine if I hadn’t picked myself up and carried on - where would I be now!

I realised I teach my children to be themselves, to follow their dreams, to not let other people’s comments hurt them and there I was doing exactly that.

So what did I do … I paused and realised that I am ME not someone else, I realised that my career and vast experience in media, marketing, branding, PR and events management were actually really useful to others and I reminded myself that I am actually bloody good at what I do! Self belief is so important! It's not bragging, it's believing and backing yourself!

I realised that the huge part of my experience I'd been keeping quiet aboutand if I'm honest waa pushing away for a while, was actually the final piece of the puzzle that I felt was missing in what I do. The piece that now totally completes my business and makes me so excited for the next level.

So by combining all the business, marketing and communications skills I have together (which are all essential for a female leader) along with my style coaching accreditation in image consulting ans life coaching I could help women who like me had felt invisible and were trying to build and evolve their careers or businesses … I realised that was my passion and my purpose!

So, I made a decision to change direction and I focussed on my mindset and building my self esteem, I started to work on my business rebrand. I had to be true to my word. After all I talk to female leaders and entrepreneurs all the time about being authentic, using their superpowers, getting visible and elevating their personal brands and I needed to do it too!

I also started to re build my new services portfolio with Own Your Personal Brand and Own Your Style programmes - all to make it easier to understand and to reflect how I support amazing women who feel like they aren't standing out from the crowd! Women who know they have so much experience but don't feel seen, heard or remembered! Female Leaders who are ready to elevate and do the work as well for their succsss ...

By being authentic and true and investing in myself this year has meant it has been my most successful yet!

Now I have launched my new website and my new business to reflect my personal brand in my own name of Janine Coney. I am so excited to share my consultancy and coaching services with you all along with my lightning launch offer of 15% off my programmes and events when booked and paid for by Monday 5/12/22:

You can also download my NEW workbook to help you too for free until 5/12/22 - 5 days to increase your self confidence and self esteem - this is the number one place to start building a powerful Personal Brand!

I am so excited for the future... I've been so lucky to have worked with so many fabulous women and I cannot wait to support even more of you in 2023 !

So now I've evolved I don’t worry about the numbers on social media, I appreciate my community, I work hard with my clients, I want to help them reach their next level of success - and success is different for everyone!

Moral of the story: You do you, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t give up, do what you love. Believe in yourself! Invest in yourself and above all be authentic .. go out there and build a powerful personal brand.

Here’s to the next stage of your brand you breakthrough too ⚡️


Want to work with me - start with a 1-2-1 Become Unstoppable Retreat Day with me here in Milton Keynes in Jan or Feb 23 and let's make some breakthroughs together - currently on a launch month offer at £395 until 31 Dec before it increase to £495 from 2023 ... plus book before 5/12 and receive a further lightning launch 15% off using code JCLAUNCH

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