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  • Janine Coney

Why you shouldn’t call your business ‘little’

As a personal brand strategist, I often hear people call their businesses “little.” They say things like, “my little business business” or “I’m just a little startup.”

But the problem is, calling your business “little” makes it sound small and insignificant to other people and in fact yourself too. It sends the message that you’re not a serious business owner and that your business isn’t worth taking seriously.

And I know that’s NOT true at all …

Plus, when you label your business as small, you are essentially setting yourself up to believe that it can only be so big or successful. This can lead to a number of limiting beliefs, such as:

❎ I can’t compete with the big guys.

❎ I’m not good enough to be successful.

❎I don’t have the resources to grow my business.

❎I’m just little old me, so I can’t expect too much.

These limiting beliefs can then hold you back from taking the risks and making the investments you need to grow your business. They can also prevent you from seeing the bigger picture and developing your long-term strategic plans - which are essential and lead to your success!

So, if you want to attract your ideal clients and opportunities, then you need to talk about and brand yourself as a professional and capable business owner. And that means not playing small and apologetic going forward!

People buy from people and they want to feel confident in you and what you’re offering!

Start by building and using your authentic personal brand to communicate your expertise, experience and your unique value.

Position yourself as the go-to person in your field. And don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth (that’s a whole other topic).

When you believe in yourself and your business, your clients will too.

Try it … and please don’t use the word little … use the words my business, my new business, my growing business, my exciting business, my successful business, my [whatever you do] business. But please not little .. you’re worth way more than that!


Your Personal Brand Strategist & Marketing Consultant


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