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  • Janine Coney

Do what fills your heart ....

Do what you love and it never feels like work ....

Helping clients online to align their brand, style and image together is one of the things I love to do, helping people in my job as a Style Coach™ and Brand Image Consultant is always so varied and exciting!

Who knew a year ago how much life would change and how much using video call now would be so important to us all! We have all had to adapt and evolve and so does our image, our style and our brand - it's so important to make sure your personal brand is aligned with your personality and you life especially if you are a busy professional woman or an entrepreneur starting your own business of side hustle - after all people buy from people!

As a Style Coach™ I have been there too, I have transitioned from working in the corporate and education sector to launching my own business three years ago. I've been through it all and I now love to help women get confident in their style and their personal brand - using my combined marketing and styling expertise together is so good - my job honestly never feels like work.

My newly launched Brand Your Style package will help you get business confident and it's now open for bookings, here's a six quick tips I share with my clients in these sesssions when to ensure their brand is aligned with themselves from the start:

  1. What is your why ? So. why do you do what you do ? You have to LOVE it!

  2. Who do you do it for ? This is so important to understand ...

  3. What is your niche, who are you talking to ? You have to know this ...It can evolve and develop!

  4. What's your story? Your story, people need to connect with you, don't 'copy' others doing the same as you !

  5. Be authentic- ensure your image, your beliefs and values align with your brand! You do you

  6. How do you want to be seen? What do you want clients to remember about you and your brand!

So exciting to be able to work with women to level up their style and business confidence - apply to work with me and let's get you brand confident too - contact me here


Style Coach™️

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