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  • Janine Coney

Does your style reflect your personality !

One of the first things I talk to my clients about is being clear on who they are and how they want to 'show up' every day! 

It's so important to be confident and authentic with your style! 

It's great to search and gain inspiration from others but it should always reflect you and be your own personality!   

Start a secret pinterest board (after all it's just for you) and use it as your own mood board. Look for pictures of styles you truly resonate with, people who influence you, style icons,

Take some time to visualise how you want to show up every day - are you there, really connect with how you would feel being the best version of you! 

Build your dream style library similar to the one above - what's your style vision, how do you want ot show up ?

Contact me to discuss how I can help you elevate your style confidence for success.

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