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  • Janine Coney

New podcast - Let’s talk content creation with Lizzi Richardson

NEW Let’s Get Visible Show Podcast episode OUT NOW (day one)

It’s a bank holiday weekend of celebrations so I’m joining in and launching three new podcasts over the next three days of celebration along with something exciting for you on Monday too!

The first podcast launch of the weekend is with my lovely friend and brilliant content creator Lizzi Richardson. Lizzi and I met through Instagram in 2019 and we went on to co host Fashion Fix Live and work together on other style content creation projects too.

Lizzi is an expert content creator with a long standing and very successful style blog. Lizzi often works with brands and creates beautiful and inspirational content for her community.

This podcast is a deep dive into content creation so whether you’re starting out or are looking to elevate and grow your brand through social media, influencing or blogging you’ll love this.

So head over to my podcast page and listen now and please do subscribe - then you’ll be the first to know about new releases over the the next few days too …

And look out for day two released tomorrow ..

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